Friday, July 16, 2010

Location, Location, Location.

One wedding detail of which I was absolutely certain (don't get used to this, it doesn't happen often) was the location of our ceremony. Raised a Roman Catholic, my faith has been a large part of my life and being married in the church has always been extremely important to me. Since I know we all love less talk and more photos, I'll keep the suspense short. So without further ado....

(source, because this architect needs a raise.)

Ummmmm, can you say gorgeous? Pictures do this church no justice whatsoever. After our engagement, I knew immediately that I wanted to be married here. Not just because of the beautiful interior! I'm deeper than that, people!! The community here is fantastic and the parishioners are so kind. I called the wedding ministry about 2 weeks after we decided on a date and our day was open! As soon as I got the word, I hopped into my little Hyundai and headed their way to fill out the information and put down the deposit.

Did you have a location in mind from the beginning? Were you able to snatch up your dream spot?