Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The engagment ring that was.

(le sigh. personal photo.)

Our engagement story isn't anything overly cute and 'aww' inducing. Our parents (more specifically our mothers) had joked about us getting married our entire lives. When we started dating, the teasing only got worse. R knew I hated all of the attention and kept that in mind when he asked me to be his wife. We were laying in bed one morning when R handed me a box and said, "I want you to have this. Will you marry me?" It was simple, understated and perfect -- everything I imagined it would be.

The ring wasn't a huge surprise either. I'd actually picked it out about 6 months before the proposal and knew that he'd be popping the question eventually. White gold with channel set diamonds, gorgeous milgrain, and a cluster of diamonds in an invisible setting, it was understated and classic.

Was. It was understated and classic... as in past tense. What happened to my engagement ring?

Let's just say it's sparkly life was short-lived. You'll have to wait to find out!

(p.s. Sorry for the lapse in posting! I've been on vacation and avoiding my computer at all costs. No worries, things will start up again next week.)


Sherin said...

Love your ring! mine is very similar except I have a cushion as the center stone. I also picked it out (sort of). I'm really curious about what happened to it?!

lifeinwhite said...

Gorgeous ring, make me sad that it's gone. What happened??