Friday, July 2, 2010

Oh, Bon Jovi.

R and I met when we were six. Mmmm Hmmm. You read that right. Six. Who meets their soulmate when they're six? Apparently us. And the characters from Sweet Home Alabama.

My mother loves Bon Jovi with the passion of one thousand burning suns. This is not an exaggeration. She loves Bon Jovi so much in fact, that she used to be a member of the fan club back in the day (super nerd! ... love you mom!) and had a pen pal.  On the day the Momma and the pen pal (Future Momma B) decided to meet in person, they thought it would be fun to try and find Jon Bon Jovi's house. They aren't certifiable, I swear!

So the crazy (but not really crazy) Mommas began their journey, eventually getting lost and pulling in to some random post office in New Jersey so they could consult a map (ah, old school travel). There they are, chillin' at the P.O., and a shiny red corvette pulls up next them. And wouldn't you know it, Jon Bon Jovi is standing right there. After a few moments freaking out like a bunch of tweens at a Jonas Brothers concert, they managed pull it together and ask for an autograph. He was super sweet and took pictures with both of them (I would post them, but my mother reads this and I value my life far too much). The Mommas took their chance celeb sighting as a sign that they were destined to be besties for life and have been ever since.

Some time after their first meet up, The Mommas realized they had two kiddos, about the same age, who they could brainwash and take to a Bon Jovi concert. They say it was our 'first date'. From that day forward, The Mommas joked about our 'arranged marriage'. Cue that catchy Taylor Swift song.

(personal photo. please ignore the reflection of my camera -- my scanner and I aren't on speaking terms.)

Even though we lived more than 1,000 miles apart (Florida for me, Virginia for him), R and I became really good friends over the years. We'd talk on the telephone all the time and spend hours instant messaging each other. As we got older, we spent our summers making the trips to see each other, savoring the two weeks of the year we got to spend together.

We didn't start dating until the summer before my second year of undergrad. I had just broken up with a pretty serious boyfriend and, in an attempt to 'cheer me up', R flew me up to Ocean City for a weekend away with some of his friends. He kissed me that weekend and we've been together ever since. I later found out that he had it all planned out -- he called it Operation Swoop and Pull. Of course I didn't take any pictures during our trip because I'm so freaking awesome. ::gives self side-eye::

Anyway, there you have it! Our awesome story. :) Needless to say The Mommas are pretty happy about the whole situation... and I guess we've got Bon Jovi to thank!

How did you meet your betrothed? Anyone else a part of the 'I met my soulmate when I was six' club?