Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Great Color Debacle: Part Dos.

Our first two options had been considered and quickly dismissed. R and I discussed it and we just didn't feel like it either palette really represented our personalities as a couple. It didn't help that R hated the pink.  So I kept scouring the interwebz, searching high and low for something that spoke to us both. We considered a fun, refreshing navy blue & yellow palette...

... a very Twilight-esque red, black & white theme (one of the main reason it was nixed)...

.... and one of the greatest color combinations on earth, garnet & gold.

After going back and forth, and considering all of our options, we chose... none of them. Don't get me wrong! They were all beautifully appealing in their own right, but none won us over enough to be the backdrop for the most important day of our lives. And so the search continued.... Don't worry, it ends soon! I promise!

How many different color palettes did you consider before you made your final decision? Having trouble choosing? Head on over to The Perfect Palette for some inspiration!