Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hoookay. Here we go.

Before we begin, perhaps I should let you know a little bit about us. Good idea, right? Right!

(photo taken by yours truly -- as if you couldn't tell by my right arm sticking straight out in front.)

That chick there, on the left, is me: M. That handsome fella on the right would be my partner in crime and other half, R.

I was born and raised in southern Florida and for some crazy reason, I decided to move to a place with real seasons. Sweet tea is my weakness, especially when paired with good barbeque. A few years ago, I met Bobby Bowden and it was one of the greatest moments Procrastination is one of my God-given talents. If I could choose one person to narrate my life story, it would be Morgan Freeman. Have you seen March of the Penguins? Dude is amazing.

(rain delays at Doak Campbell offer good photo opportunities.)

R is a sarcastic, crazy, loving man who would eat steak for every meal if it didn't mean a heart attack waiting to happen. He enjoys poker, Sam Adams, and a good nap. He rides a motorcycle around town most days and works as a volunteer firefighter (with plans to switch to career in the near future). He's a man's man if there ever was one.

We have two adorable furbabies, Bob and Bella, who keep life entertaining and act as small space heaters when we sleep at night.

(personal photo of the cutest pooches to ever walk the planet.)

R and I are planning a classic (but modern), elegant (but fun), sophisticated (but in no way stuffy) wedding for November. Overall, just a genuine good time. Let's get this show on the road people!!