Monday, July 5, 2010

The Great Color Debacle: Fin.

After saying no to the navy blue & gold, red & black, and garnet & gold inspiration boards, we were starting to lose hope that we'd ever find a color palette that fit us. And then one day, while visiting the Madre in my hometown, I saw it. THE ONE.

Oh. My. Lucky Charms. It was like a gold light was illuminating the poster in the middle of the Alfred Angelo shop and the angels had started singing. I knew, knew, knew that this was exactly what we had been looking for!!! Something elegant but not stuffy. Something that went with the season but didn't scream turkey dinner. Something that fit us individually and collectively. As soon as I got to a computer I started searching and digging for images that fit this beautiful palette and came up with this -- my very first inspiration board!

I presented the idea to R, who agreed 100% that this was a great choice for us.  The Great Color Debacle had finally come to an end. After what totalled almost two whole months flip-flopping on color choices, R and I decided to stick with Gold, White and Black. We could finally move on to making decisions on the 8 billion other things we needed to get done for this shindig. 

How long did it take you to nail down a color palette? What do you think of ours? Classic or reminiscent of a New Year's Eve party?