Sunday, July 11, 2010

The engagement ring that was: Part two.

When R handed me my engagement ring that morning in bed, I was the happiest girl on earth. I loved looking down at my left hand and seeing the sparkle -- a beautiful symbol of our love and commitment to one another. So imagine my surprise when, one day, I looked down at my left hand and saw this:

(depressing personal photo.)

Almost a year and a half after I said yes, the soldering that held the setting to the band had come undone. We managed to come away with both pieces (thankfully!) but I still cried until there were literally no more tears left. A bit dramatic, I know, but this wasn't the only time I had had problems with my sparkler. About six months into our engagement, one of the diamonds in the setting had come loose and had to be replaced. Two months later, one of the diamonds chipped. Chipped. How I managed to chip a diamond, the world may never know. I don't wear it in the shower or when I wash the dishes, I take it off when I do housework and my occupation isn't really all that rough on the hands -- I'm a teacher for goodness sake!

Initially, my emotions were extremely mixed. I was happy that the setting wasn't lost, even if it wasn't really a setting anymore, but I was also heartbroken and angry that my perfect ring was having so many problems. How was this ring supposed to make it through the next 60 years or so when it had had so many problems already?? Should we have the jeweler re-solder the setting and risk the chance that I could lose all of my diamonds one day? Or do we get a new ring and say goodbye to my classic, understated beauty and the sentimental value it held? After two full days of going back & forth, and pure indecisiveness at it's best, R and I decided to consult with our jeweler.

Did you have any problems with your engagement ring?


lifeinwhite said...

that makes my belly sick to think about!

Sara said...

oh my goodness!! that is heartbreaking! I hope you are able to talk to the jeweler and figure out why the setting is having so many concerns. hang in there!