Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tips and tricks.

Engagement photos are usually taken during the whirlwind of wedding planning, when last thing you need added to your plate is more stress. Stuck on what to wear or where to shoot? Here are my tips and tricks for a successful session. 

(courtesy of Janice Cui Photography.)

Tip #1: Location. Pick a spot that is meaningful to you and your fiance. If no particular location comes to mind, go to your photographer for recommendations. Photographers usually have a list of locations where they'd love to shoot and haven't had the chance.

Tip #2: Wardrobe. Dress as the best version of yourself! You want to look comfortable, fun and real. If you wear something awkward and uncomfortable, it will come across that way in your photos. Instead of matching each other, choose outfits that work together as an ensemble. Avoid wearing black, white or busy patterns; bright colors photograph vividly and add personality. Make sure your outfits are tailored to your body -- skip anything too baggy or tight. Wear comfortable shoes even if you don't plan on walking very far; standing for long periods of time can hurt your tootsies. 

Tip #3: Hair & Make-up. You want to look and feel your best on the day of your session. Consider spending a few extra dollars for a blow-out and confidence boost. Be sure to bring a hair brush with you, especially if your session is outside. For make-up, keep your look natural and don't stray too far from your daily wear. Matte make-up photographs best and will keep your skin looking flawless. Bring your lipstick, gloss or stain with your for touch ups on site and don't forget to have a small mirror on hand. 

Tip #4: Details. Be prepared to be photographed from head to toe. Check that nails are manicured and free of chips, hair is colored and free of drastic roots, and your eyebrows are groomed. Make sure your engagement ring is clean, polished and photo-ready. If your FI needs a trim, have him head to the barber a week before your session so the haircut looks natural and be sure his nails are clean. 

Tip #5: Get inspired. Google is your friend! Browse for other photo shoots done by your photographer or in your location. If you find shots you like, bring them with you. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box! Talk with your photographer ahead of time and brainstorm ideas for your shoot. Get a feel for what they have in mind and share ideas. 

Tip #6: Relax. Pretend you're out on a date and there isn't a photographer following you around. Even though you can't tell, R and I were talking to each other our entire shoot. We giggled, made jokes, and talked about where we would go for lunch after our session was over. Be natural and have fun! Talk with your photographer ahead of time and brainstorm ideas for your shoot. Get a feel for what they have in mind and share ideas.

Do you have any helpful hints for getting camera-ready?


♥ ceamoste said...

Hello from WB!

Thanks for the tips! We're getting our shots done in a few weeks, and I haven't even thought about this stuff!

Note to self. Get nails done. Gee, I don't think I'll have a problem with that haha.

Michelle said...

You know, our best pictures were with props or friends. If you're camera shy bring along some help which will help you loosen up!

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Sara said...

your pictures are adorable and these are all great tips! We just posted our engagement photos and I couldn't agree more with Tip #1. Our pics were at his family farm and it means the world to us to have those memories.