Monday, July 26, 2010

The finishing touches.

Where we left off: The Save the Dates arrived on our door step! 

There was only one downfall -- when we decided on the design, we knew we'd be limited on the amount of text we could include. Originally, the Carved Tree design allowed for 3 lines of text. After tweaking a few things here and there, our design ended up with four lines of text: 

save the date for the wedding of
my first and last & his first and last
gainesville, virginia

Our problem? We needed to include the information about our wedding website for guests. Solution? Belly bands! 

 I designed our template in PowerPoint so five belly bands would fit perfectly on a single 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of card stock. After I perfected the template, I moseyed on down to Staples and found a beautiful, high-quality white linen card stock. Since I had 50 Save the Dates to belly band, I printed 12 pages of bands (just to be safe) on Momma B's inkjet printer. 

Once the print job was complete, I collected my batch of bands and visited the Kinko's down the street to have my babies professionally cut but the copy dude broke my heart and told me the strips were too thin to cut on their big awesome cutter. He led me to the shady hand-cutter and left me to do the dirty work. Boo, copy dude. I sat there for 35 minutes tediously sliding a razor across the pencil thin lines on my template and they still came out looking like junk. Not straight, guidelines still visible. I headed home, grabbed a pair of scissors and made a few quick trims. Word of advice: Unless your cutting utensil is sharp like machete, linen card stock will fray. Just thought I'd throw that out there (::cough:: copy dude ::cough::).

Once the strips were trimmed, I wanted to be sure the info on the front would be centered on the card after the belly band was secure. Since the cards are 5" wide and the strips are 11" across, we found the centered 5 inches on the strips and marked small lines (at 3" and 8") on the backs of the belly bands. 

Using the lines on the back of the strips as a guide, we lined the marks up with the edges of the card and folded. Pretend like you don't see my terribly chipped fingernail.

Once the belly bands were scored at the right spot, we applied a Zot to the edge of one side of the strip, folded down the other side, and attached the band. 

After noticing that our Save the Dates were lacking a certain je ne sais quoi, I made a quick trip to Michael's and picked up a roll of craft wrapping paper for an awesome $4.99. When I returned to our humble abode, I created a envelope liner template using an old file folder and one of our extra envelopes.  I traced the outline of the envelope on to the folder and then cut just inside the lines to be sure the template would create liners that actually fit inside the envelope (too tight of a fit can cause puckering and bunching in your envelopes!). While I addressed envelopes, R traced and cut envelope liners from our roll of craft paper. 

When we collected the right amount of liners, I slid them into the envelopes, ran my unmanicured fingernail along the crease of the envelope flap, and then secured the liner with a few small pieces of double stick tape. The last bit of work came in addressing the envelopes. With a tan, fine point Sharpie in hand, I scrawled out addresses in my own (sometimes pitiful) cursive. Gallons of blood, sweat and tears later (okay, maybe that's an exaggeration), our Save the Dates were finished!

(all photos in this post taken by yours truly. You're welcome.)


Ms. Teacher said...

So cute. I love the band. We are doing a tree motif throughout our wedding. My fiance would LOVE that tree. So perfect.