Thursday, July 15, 2010

The engagement ring that was: My new bling.

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(personal photo. courtesy of Reza.)

There I was, with two beautiful rings and no decision. I asked Momma B which one she liked better. I asked Reza. I asked all of the women working in the store, plus a couple who came in to trade in some gold. I can't decide what movie to see when R and I go out -- how was I supposed to choose a ring!!

Suddenly, a random thought popped in to my head.

"Hey, Reza. Are these rings one piece? Or are the settings soldered on like my other ring?"

After inspection, Reza let me know that one of the rings was soldered together (no bueno), the other was one piece. The decision was made for me...

... and I couldn't be happier! R loves the ring and I've gotten a ton of comments on it already! It's absolutely gorgeous. And since the matching band was sold with it as a pair, I don't have to worry about finding one to fit.

Soooo, what do you think? Good buy or bad decision?

p.s. I just realized that the cover of the book my precious bling is sitting on says Playboy. tehehe.