Monday, July 12, 2010

The engagement ring that was: Part three.

Remember this?:

(again, the depressing personal photo.)

After spending countless hours debating with R on how to handle the ring crisis, I made the trip down to Occoquan to meet up with Reza, our amazing jeweler at Quinn's Goldsmith.  Being the awesome guy that he is, Reza apologized right away even though he didn't have to. The problems I had with the ring were because of the manufacturer, not because of the jeweler I bought it from! After taking a look at the setting and the band, Reza said we had a few options.

1) He could solder the setting back to the band with some kind of laser thing. He explained it more in-depth, but I can't remember what it's called. He promised that it would last forever and never, ever come apart again. 

2) I could purchase a new single stone (mine was a cluster setting, remember?) and he would credit me the cost of the setting I originally had. He'd make sure the prongs were extra strong. 

3) I could turn in my engagement ring (and the band I purchased to go with it) for a credit and buy a new ring. 

I didn't want to go with option 1. It wasn't that I didn't believe Reza. He had just shown me R's custom-made band (you'll have to wait to see it!) and I was extremely confident in his work. I had just had so many problems with that setting, it brought more feelings of frustration than happiness. 

I seriously considered option 2. I could purchase a new center stone. But because of the thickness of my band, I would need at least a carat and a half for it to look proportional. I asked Reza to see some loose diamonds, but the one I fell in love with (a 2-carat oval) was priced at $18,000. For that much dough, I could buy a new ring, a new band, and pay off the rest of my car. I couldn't justify it. 

Overwhelmed and uncertain, I gave R a call and asked what he thought I should do. Because I had done the dirty work and picked out my engagement ring, R didn't have any kind of attachment to it. "It's just a symbol," he said.

With the mister's blessing, I pulled up a chair and started looking for a brand new (post-)engagement ring. I tried on ring, after ring, after ring that day. I wanted to be sure that whichever one I chose would be one to stay with me forever. After much debate, I narrowed it down to two. 

(personal photo. Taken by the most awesome shop manager ever, Reza.)

Gorgeous, right? The ring on the left had a matching band but the two didn't come as a pair. The ring on the right also had a matching band and they did come as a pair, but the total price was a tad higher than the other set.  Just when I thought we were getting somewhere, I couldn't decide. I went back and forth, back and forth. BACK AND FORTH. My indecisiveness was getting the best of me until...

Stay tuned to find out which ring I picked!


lifeinwhite said...

I just know I'm going to love whichever you pick... I love them both!